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5547 W. Manchester Ave. // Los Angeles, CA 90045



We have additional Barbers at our second location, Monocle Barbers "베픽,베픽라이브,베픽라이브스코어,라이브스코어베픽,실시간라이브스코어사이트,라이브스코어,스포츠토토"(located across the street). Please scroll down for info on our second location!

Master Barber, Lloyd Guerrero


Master Barber, Israel Castro


MASTER BARBER, Adrian Lizarraga




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(424) 393-4014

Shop Location

We are located just off the 405 in Westchester.

5547 W. Manchester Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045


Services for Gentlemen

Before your service, please feel free to help yourself to Drinks, WiFi, Phone Chargers, & the Massage Chair!

The duration of most services is APproximately 30 minutes.



Here are some of our very satisfied customers...

Our Story

Master Barbers was established in April 2016 by Israel & Anna Castro in Los Angeles, California. The two station, full-service barbershop has now grown to become a brand, by providing precision (detail) services and exceptional customer service. 

Services include haircuts of all types, from ages 1 and beyond. From gentlemen's scissor haircuts to modern premium skin fades to straight edge razor shave services, Master Barbers offers its supreme expertise. We also offer an assortment of organic and natural men's hair and shave products.

The name "Master Barbers" is the brainchild of Master Barber's very own Israel Castro, honoring his time as a Master Barber at a previous barber spa in Beverly Hills, California. After mastering the trade, Israel and Anna worked together to open this family-owned neighborhood barbershop with affordable prices.

In February 2018, the couple then expanded their footprint to include a second location, "Monocle Barbers" (located just across the street). Between the two locations, the Master Barbers family has grown to include 5 highly skilled barbers. 

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Barber Bios


Born in Mexico City, Israel came to the United States at the age of six. He began cutting his own hair in high school and continued on through his college days. For over ten years, Israel has been a family and community barber. He received his barber license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Starting out from humble beginnings in his garage, to neighborhood barbershops, to cutting in fine men's barber spas in Beverly Hills, Israel has worked to continually hone and develop his craft throughout his career. 

As the owner & operator of two barbershop locations in Los Angeles, California, his mission is to continually provide exceptional barbering services and sharpen the next line of future Master Barbers.


Each barbering service is a work of art that requires passion, quality, & precision.
— Israel Castro // Owner & Operator of Master Barbers


Hailing from Los Angeles, Lloyd has been providing haircuts to his friends and family members since his high school days. He began cutting his own hair, then became a neighborhood barber in Westchester, California. His goal is to one day provide mobile barbering services to all of Los Angeles. 

Lloyd has 12+ years of barber experience and received his license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.
— Lloyd Guerrero // Barber at Master Barbers


Adrian has been cutting hair in the Los Angeles area for well over a decade, and has earned a reputation as one of the premier barbers coming out of Santa Monica, California.

Like any good neighborhood barber, Adrian has come from humble beginnings. He started out by cutting hair at home for his friends and family — coincidentally, the people with whom he likes to watch baseball and spend quality time.

Adrian has 15+ years of barber experience and received his license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

“My goal is to preserve the originality of barbering & to keep that tradition going for generations to come.”
— Adrian Lizarraga // Barber at Master Barbers

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This is what a few of our customers had to say about us on yelp...

"No doubt, Israel is the best cut in town. Your search for a barber has ended."

-Joshua R.

"I can honestly say that this is one of the best haircuts I've ever gotten! Israel is the real deal. He is detailed, precise, and a true professional!"

-Eric F.

"Israel is a master at his craft and he does phenomenal work. There's nothing else to it."

-Anthony J.

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